The Girls


Liz and Abby Maci - Lemon Tree CookiesLemon Tree Cookies is the brain child of dynamic mother-daughter duo, Liz Maci and Abby Reckard.

Liz has always been a master of baked goods and pretty things (the two turn out to be a fantastic combination), and she tried to pass down her creative genes to her daughter Abby, which ended up resulting in a make-shift career in graphic design right out of college.

Then one day, this mother and daughter decided they should team up and Lemon Tree Cookies was born. Liz produces all those scrumptious cookies that you know and love (or soon will) and Abby produces all the other stuff (like this website).

We really couldn’t ask for better work – to make beautiful and delicious treats with some of our favorite people! We hope you can get a taste of the joy we get out of LTC and that you like our cookies as much as we do!